We build teams from within.

By being on your side from day one; by designing the roles you actually need; by using market data as a reality check; and by championing your employer brand. We work in seamless partnership with our customers, optimising every step of the hiring process to make it easier, faster and more efficient.

We help tech-first businesses scale through trust and teamwork.

About Us

Because, whether you need to build out your team fast, save money, increase the quality of your hires, or are wondering why your best team members leave, we can only succeed by being in the trenches with you as a true partner. At the end of the day, it’s people that make it possible.

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Hiring Health Check

We understand hiring challenges.


The cost of hiring is far more than agency fees!

Time wasted in irrelevant interviews, 4-6 month hiring cycles, and people leaving straight after probation - it all adds up! That's why we provide detailed Market Reports spanning applicant motivations, your competitors' hiring approaches and much more. They cut out the trial-and-error, help you reshape roles to match the current market, and ensure you're meeting your actual business needs.

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How do I know I'm hiring the best person for my team?

Everyone hates FOMO! So, while we provide 3 introductions for every role, you'll have full visibility of the 50-200 additionally screened applicants, including ‘near-misses’. We remove the wool that agencies pull over your eyes through open and honest conversations, giving you the confidence to hire.

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Scaling your team quickly and efficiently is tough

Your business growth is too important to rely on “gut-feel” interviewing. By training key stakeholders and utilising contextualised questioning and structure, we reduce tech test reliance whilst both protecting your employer brand and increasing your offer to acceptance ratio.

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We find top talent but can't retain them

Our Campaign Briefs speak directly and solely to your target hire, detailing a factual reflection of the role from day one, as well as their long-term career growth and possible learning opportunities with you. Anyone you hire will be excited by the prospect of a career, not just a job.

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Talent Point of View

January 2020

New Year, New Us

It's a new year here at Talent Point - which means not only the return of our annual State of Tech report, but also new contracting laws and a fancy new look for us! So in this, our first issue of 2020, we look into the tax changes coming to IR35, the creation of our new brand, and what hiring will look like in the new decade.

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Interview with tristan rogersInterview

Tristan Rogers: On Retention

In our first ever customer interview, we speak to Tristan, CEO of Concrete, about his company, his personal experiences with employee retention, team happiness and morale, and how he knows when things need to change.

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Meet Anthony.

Anthony Chase.

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