Case Study: Zephr

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At a glance.

  • Average interviews per hire
  • 2.6
  • Interviews conducted
  • 13
  • Hires made
  • 5

Founded in 2017, Zephr is a SaaS platform aiming to totally disrupt the online content space. Used by high-traffic digital companies to personalise their content and forge meaningful, long-term relationships with their users, it is easily deployed and scaled, and enables real-time content changes via an intuitive rules engine. Built on a mixture of leading-edge technologies, Zephr’s platform has already seen huge growth and substantial success, both in terms of the clients they have signed and the investment they have received.

The challenge.

The primary issue that Zephr faced was that it needed to scale up very quickly. With the product gaining huge demand in a relatively short space of time, the race was on to build out effective Core and R&D teams. As they would be building an extremely high-traffic platform to cope with tens of thousands of requests a second, Zephr needed high-quality engineers who were used to the demands of complex product development.

That’s where we came in.

Our solution.

We spent a lot of time at planning stage, going into intricate detail of Zephr’s key requirements and comparing these requirements to the market. Once this was done, our team focused on building roles that we knew would be challenging to fill – but definitely achievable.

Our team also helped to create a solid company sell for the business – one that shone a beacon on the founding team, funding, product, customers, and future plans for the company. We also helped to streamline Zephr’s interview processes, minimising time spent in interviews and time to start.

A clear success.

Our track record with Zephr was fantastic, as we were achieving an offer from every other interview. This was largely thanks to our very detailed screening of applicants – especially critical in this case, as there was such a pressing time crunch, yet we needed to present high-quality candidates.

In four weeks, we hired four engineers for them across Java and Front-End, along with a single QA. The team bonded immediately and are now producing superb results, which Zephr is incredibly happy with. With this new manpower, Zephr has been able to make key improvements to its platform and is able to cope with the growing demand of their new customers. We have high hopes for this partnership, going forward!

The first candidate we interviewed, we offered a job to. That's such a breath of fresh air in an industry where the status quo is to bombard the employer with CVs and hope one sticks. Talent Point's business model is different and that shows: it's not in their interest to send us candidates who aren't a good fit. They got to know our requirements and culture intimately before even considering a CV; then, when they did bring us interviews, they were relevant and well-vetted. A very successful and enjoyable process.

Chris Scott, CTO & Co-Founder at Zephr
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