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Zephr launch new-to-market product and partner with Talent Point to bring together a high-class engineering team to scale.

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Founded in 2017, Zephr is a SaaS platform aiming to totally disrupt the online content subscription space.

Used by high-traffic digital companies to personalise their content and forge meaningful, long-term relationships with their users, it is easily deployed and scaled, and enables real-time content changes via an intuitive rules engine.

Built on a mixture of leading-edge technologies, Zephr’s platform has already seen huge growth and substantial success, both in terms of the clients they have signed and the investment they have received.

On the back of this success, Zephr recently secured a Series A investment of $8m led by BDMI, Knight Capital and original investor Nauta Capital.

The challenge.

Zephr’s partnership with Talent Point began shortly after their Seed round of investment. As their product had gained huge demand in a relatively short space of time, the pressure was on to build-out an Engineering team who could cope with the demands of building a complex high-traffic platform.

That’s where we came in.

Our solution.

Given the importance of these early hires we conducted workshops with the founding team to understand their vision and EVP. This key step allowed us to create a clear and compelling story as the foundation for their employer brand to help engage the right people.

Once established, we worked closely with Chris Scott, CTO & Co-Founder, to map out hiring markets and effectively plan vacancies that ensured we could hire the skills we needed whilst still providing the learning and career opportunity that would attract the best talent.

We also reviewed the entire hiring process with Chris, optimising where needed to remove blockers and standardize assessment criteria, as well as taking full ownership of first round telephone interviews. These changes allowed us to protect the leadership team’s time whilst providing a consistent and positive applicant experience.

A clear success.

See what Chris Scott, CTO & Co-Founder @ Zephr, has to say about their partnership with Talent Point.

Our partnership with Zephr really paid off. Each batch of hiring came at a critical time in the company’s journey and through careful planning and collaboration with the team, we were able to deliver new hires quickly with minimum impact on the business with regards to time spent interviewing or opportunity cost of a missed hire.

Our partnership remains strong and we looked forward to supporting Zephr on their journey through scale-up.

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