Feb 4, 2021 12:00:00 AM 3 min read

Sam Murray. Our customer fanatic.

Sam has been with Talent Point for over 4 years. In that time he has grown tremendously, adapting and developing his skills inline with our evolving model to become a fantastic Senior Talent Partner.

He is a customer fanatic and always inquisitive in his approach, a true partner of every customer he's works with.

We couldn't be happier to recognise his excellent work and sat down with them to find out more...

How does it feel to be employee of the month?

Feels very good! Always nice to be recognised for a month of hard work plus being recognised within a company of talented staff is great!

How long have you been with TP?

I’ve been with Talent Point for nearly 4.5 years now in fact I’ve been here with TP my whole working life in the UK. I’ve grown from a timid entry-level recruiter to a confident Senior Talent Partner working with many fantastic brands.

Tell us about your month?

It’s been an extremely productive month working across a number of TP customers. Making 4 hires in a month is always satisfying but outside of that I've tried to contribute to some of the new processes here at Talent Point.

What’s life at Talent Point like?

We’ve come through a tough year and made necessary changes but there's real momentum and positivity around the place at the moment. You can feel a real determination in all of us to thrive together which makes for a great vibe.

What excites you most about the future at TP?

There’s loads!! The growth of the business, new colleagues, brilliant customers coming on board and lots of new opportunities. Building blocks and foundations are in place and only good things are to come!


We're growing a rapidly in 2021 so if you're looking for a new opportunity please get in touch with our Director of People and Operations, Daniel Wells.