Talent Point of View: Work in Quarantine

March was an exceptionally long month – it feels like several years since the last edition of Talent Point of View! Like many companies, Talent Point went from business as usual to a fully remote work force in less than a week. Luckily, most of our teams are used to working away from the office, either onsite with our customers or from home, so it wasn't that big of a shock, but it was still a jarring experience.

Not being able to come into the office, moving face-to-face meetings to Zoom, hoping our remote infrastructure could take the additional strain: these are all common experiences for the first few days and weeks of quarantine. But now it's been almost a month and it's clear this is the new normal.

Whether you've become fully accustomed to work-life in the era of social distancing or are still ironing out the kinks of your home-office setup, we've put together some of our best tips, information, and ideas on how your teams can work effectively no matter where they're based. From the technologies that we're all rapidly coming to rely on day-to-day, to how you can effectively onboard new colleagues from their spare room, we've got advice on how to make the most of your teams during quarantine.

Simon Mortimer

Sales Director

Talent Point

eBook: Hiring in times of quarantine.

Remote hiring ebook banner

Your guide to remote hiring and everything it entails.

We cover tips, tools, and advice on video interview etiquette, onboarding new team members without ever meeting them, and managing a team effectively no matter where they are. Whilst leaving the office behind and becoming a fully remote team is a learning curve, there's plenty you can do right now to get back to business as usual.

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Research bytes & case studies.

Cazoo casestudy header

Cazoo: Scaling rapidly to shake up a market.

Cazoo have been building out their tech team at speed in a race to launch their website and build an online second-hand car empire. Find out how we've been helping them make their scaling goals a reality.

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Open source data vis

The professional benefits of open source work.

Open source projects are a key building block of the tech community, with many IT professionals choosing to work solely with open source technology. But how common is it for these professionals to give back by contributing to OSS (open source software) projects? And why this may be an ideal time to get involved.

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From the blog.

Spread the love why we need positivity in the office header

Spread the love: why we need positivity in the office.

Positive reinforcement isn't as inconsequential as some employers think - or as easy! To truly improve employee engagement, understanding the power of positivity and how to make it a part of your office culture takes reflection and effort.

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Hard hat

Our toolbox for remote success.

Working remotely? We've put together a guide to the best tools you can use to be more efficient, effective, and generally awesome at what you do.

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Our top picks for upcoming remote events.

Talent Point highlights.

April tp update

Board games & Zoom quizzes.

We kicked off March with a double feature. First up was an activities day focused on celebrating our company Champions teams, complete with a "Meat or Not Meat" contest, pastry-filled breakfast, meditation and yoga sessions, team-created video head-to-head, and the grand finale of a whole company quiz. Congratulations to Luke V, who took the lead for his team with a powerful lip-sync rendition of I would do anything for love by Meatloaf to break a tie.

A few days later we held the first ever TP Board Games night, with everything from the rapid-fire Uno to the lengthy 7 Wonders being enjoyed. Shout outs to Billy W, who successfully climbed his way to the top of the ancient world to come out victorious in 7 Wonders, and Luke V (again), for setting a new record for the most times rejoining an Uno match after consistently falling foul of house rules.

Of course, since that evening all company events have been held remotely, but we're still enjoying weekly team competitions over Zoom. Big thanks to Jamie for last weeks company quiz - definitely not the easiest thing to host!