Talent Point of View: Improving the Applicant Experience.

A common misconception that people have about us is that we just find people to fill roles. But the hiring process actually begins much further back! We support our customers throughout the entire process – up to and including interviews. And, crucially, we help them to improve their applicant experience along the way.

But how important is a good applicant experience when hiring? Is it #goodvibesonly when it comes to applicants accepting offers, or are there other factors that tip the scales even more?

In this edition of Talent Point of View, we’re whipping out the magnifying glass and taking a closer look at the applicant experience – both from the applicant’s point of view, and from the employer’s.

James Shelley


Talent Point

An Interview with: Michelle Flynn.

Michelle flynn interview

Why the applicant experience is make or break.

We spoke with Michelle Flynn, Health & Life Coach, about the impact that an applicant's experience can have on your company's employer brand and how it directly affects the likelihood of finding the hire you need.

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Research Bytes & Case Studies.

Applicant experience

Bad Applicant Experiences? It's Not Them. It's You.

A positive applicant experience can be the difference between an applicant accepting your offer and refusing it. But many employers struggle to improve theirs. In this Research Byte, we take a closer look at the mistakes companies have made, and the fixes they employed to improve their interview and hiring process.

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Applicant screenining

Interviews Are a Two-Way Mirror.

The interview process is a way for employers to screen applicants – but it’s also where applicants decide whether you're an employer they want to work with. In this Research Byte, we look at how applicants screen companies before interview, and what their employer red flags in interview are.

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From the Blog.

Stock paper airplane

Your Job Descriptions Are Boring.

Nobody gets excited about job descriptions, but they probably should. They are your first brand touchpoint and often the only time you get to pitch your company and role to a potential applicant, so how do you ensure they're as engaging as possible.

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A Silky Smooth Applicant Experience.

The hiring journey, from first contact through to induction, encapsulates the applicant experience. Get this right, and your company will become an attractive workplace with high levels of engagement. Get it wrong and... well, basically don't get it wrong!

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Talent Point Highlights.


Bushfire Bakes & Meat-Free Pledges!

To celebrate Australia Day and help with ongoing efforts to support Australia after their catastrophic bushfires, we held an office bake sale to raise proceeds for the cause! After a delectable day filled with sugary treats and crumbs, we raised a total of £115 for Wildlife Victoria. Great job, guys!

February also marked the beginning of our Meat-Free Feb! 11 of our terrific TPers have pledged to #GoMeatless for Feb in a bid to live green and bring down their carbon footprint. What a fab start to the year!