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Solutions & Products

The cornerstone of our business and what sets us apart from the rest.

Truly unique products,
designed to shape
your business.

We know what it takes to grow an world-class talent function, and we have the expertise to help you take the journey that's right for you. Whether that's working together on building your talent function from scratch, augmenting your existing team to fill a skills gap and create some bandwidth or create flexibility through a busy period. 

We've created products designed to help you get the best possible result, faster and they're unique to us. Training is the backbone of our business and every single Talent Partner is meticulously trained to use whatever is needed in their arsenal to move your business forward.

A proven methodology.

To create predictability and rigour to your process, for every role we work you can expect:

Market Report

A Market Report is used to determine the viability of the current requirement, and how it aligns with the wider market. The goal is to provide insight that if actioned upon will turn our vacancy into a sustainable hire, that can be made within a realistically quick timeframe.

Key benefits:

  • Provides insight focusing on relevant job titles, skills/experience, salary, flexible working requirements and key candidate motivations
  • Acts as a review of the first two weeks of a new campaign. Talent Partner and Hiring Manager can align and ensure we are attracting the right audience
  • Allows assessment of how challenging a requirement will be to fill, and set expectations on time to hire
  • Ensures we address any key red flags early in a campaign and take preventative action

Campaign Brief

A critical document for selling the role to candidates. It contains a detailed description of the role and seeks to answer many of the candidates key questions.

Key benefits:

  • Improves applicant engagement
  • Gives you confidence that we understand your business, role and requirements
  • Role, responsibilities and requirements are clearly documented
  • Helps to reduce time-to-hire and interview-to-offer ratios
  • Enhances employer brand and decreases drop out rates
  • Acts as an agreement on the skills that are required and will be assessed for
  • Supports candidates in their preparation for interviews
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Interview Guides

We use Interview Guide’s to ensure the end-to-end of the interview process is well defined and the hiring community have a clear understand of the skills that need to be assessed.

Key benefits:

  • Consistent hiring process
  • Well defined stages, with clear assessment criteria
  • Facilitates good hiring decisions
  • Prevents mis-hiring and negative brand perception
  • Improves time to hire, reduces time spent interviewing
  • Mitigates bias, enables us to hire for diversity
  • Alignment between talent team and hiring community
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