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Real CTO Network

The Real CTO Network (RCN) is an invite-only organisation for true C-level technologists.

The only network for "real" C-level technologists.

The Real CTO Network (RCN) is an invite-only organisation that aims to provide networking events, direct peer-to-peer support, continuous learning, and access to the best jobs on the market for true C-level technologists. The RCN is a network created by members, for members. Everything we do is designed to help you drive excellence within a technology function. It's this focus on quality that truly sets us apart. 

The only requirement for joining? You must be an established leader of a technology department and have designed and executed a full technology roadmap in an established business. Bonus points if you’ve exited the business.

Explore Membership

The RCN was created in response to how muddied recruitment processes were leading to skills gaps, causing increased difficulty in creating peer groups with true CTO capabilities. We’re closing the gap and creating Europe’s highest-value group of individuals within technology.

1-1 Peer Support
You'll gain access to direct peer-to-peer support from other CTOs. All members are vetted by our team, so you know the support you receive will be from other C-level technologist with vast experience, not someone new to the role.
Invite-Only Events
We facilitate bi-monthly invite-only events, like round tables and panel discussions, to meet others in the network and discuss a prevalent topic members have raised as a crucial talking point. We're connecting members but also providing meaningful solutions you can start to implement the following day.
First access to jobs
Receive first access to jobs, many into fast growth, Private Equity or Venture Capital-Backed businesses. These will either be directly through us or our partners. We have a "no spam" policy, you won't be approached unless you raise your interest.
Career advice
Gain access to a wealth of career advice, including assistance on topics like how best to gain that Equity based exit. Our team has over 17 years' of experience in helping Chief Technology Officers to take that next optimum step, so have no doubt that we can help you.

Upcoming events

Your challenges, our events. Solution-led conversations and masterclasses designed to positively influence the outcome of obstacles you're facing in your role. Led by accomplished peers and industry experts.
February 2024 Invite-only: Artificial Intelligence
February 2024Invite-only: Artificial Intelligence
AdobeStock_611834148 (1)-1
April 2024 Invite-only: Cyber Security
April 2024Invite-only: Cyber Security
June 2024 Invite-only: Women in tech
June 2024Invite-only: Women in tech

In recent years, there has been a positive shift in employer willingness to protect the wellbeing of their employees. Has the pendulum swung too far in the other direction? How do you balance employee wellbeing with performance?

September 2024 Invite-only: Scaling in talent-short markets
September 2024Invite-only: Scaling in talent-short markets

Meet our team

We've assembled a team of experienced technology leaders who are passionate about driving excellence in the industry. A network built for you, by people who understand you.

  • Steering Committee
  • Community Leads
Christina Scott Chief Technology Officer @ Ovo Energy
Christina Scott Chief Technology Officer @ Ovo Energy
Stuart Pearce Portfolio CTO @ Hg
Stuart Pearce Portfolio CTO @ Hg
Kevin Smith Chief Technology Officer @ LucaNet
Kevin Smith Chief Technology Officer @ LucaNet
Simon Mortimer CEO
Simon Mortimer CEO
Tom Griffiths Head of Community
Tom Griffiths Head of Community
Ready to take the first step?

Here's what happens next.

All members are vetted prior to joining. This is to ensure we understand what you're looking to gain from the network to ensure the best possible fit. It's a simple process:

  1. Complete the registration form opposite.
  2. One of our team will be in contact to book in a 20min introductory call
  3. On successful registration, you'll receive a welcome pack and access to lock in your attendance to events and meet other members.