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We're disrupting the world of talent consulting.

Through tailored, flexible, on-demand talent solutions; perfectly suited for an ever-evolving market.


Why we created Talent Point.

Our founders, James Shelley and Simon Mortimer, have known each other for a long time, they are both talent veterans and together have helped grow some of the most prestigious brands in Europe.

For a long time they worked in environments motivated by revenue and sales targets, and not by what the customer actually needed. They realised that the agency model and culture is inherently self-serving, and will never truly put the customer first – So they created a solution that puts the customer at the centre of all decisions.

Talent Point was created to be a customer-centric, market specialist - Incorporating the flexibility and pace of an agency with the cultural understanding and empathy of an in-house team. We’re empathetic problem solvers, and we really care about the success of our clients.

Meet the rest of the Team Talent Point

Check out Our Brilliant People who are doing an amazing job scaling up awesome brands in the UK and across Europe!

Looking to accelerate your career in talent?

Join our growing team of on-site talent experts and learn fast hiring for the most innovative tech-driven brands in the UK and beyond.