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Driving cloud solutions in construction & infrastructure.

£5,657 Cost per hire.
15 days Time to hire.
3:2 Interview to offer.
90% Offer acceptance.

About Causeway.

Causeway Technologies was founded with the goal to provide best-in-class software solutions to the built environment. Since their inception, the world of technology has evolved significantly, and it became increasingly important to move with the times. Fast-forward to present day, their mission is to provide market leading end-to-end software solutions to the construction industry across the entire build life cycle.

Through years of dedication and product investment, their vision has become a reality, with Causeway solutions now supporting thousands of customers. 

They are currently partnered with the leading construction companies in the UK and are ranked as the number one construction-specific software player.

Following a round of investment in 2021 by their PE backers, Rothschild & Co. a significant portion of their growth is attributed by acquisitions, and more recently organic growth with teams now based in the UK, EU, USA and India.

The challenge.

  • Improve hiring processes by setting up scalable processes in the talent acquisition function

  • Reduce time to hire

  • Ensuring hiring managers are equipped with the skills to interview effectively to ensure fair and consistent processes

"We’ve seen firsthand here at Causeway the difference interview training makes when our leaders and hiring teams follow this best practice. Having rolled out Talent Point's training across our organisation I can vouch for the fact that it’s hugely value add and worthwhile."

Paul GaukrogerHead of HR, Causeway

Our solution.

Initially, we worked on building credibility amongst the HR function and the wider hiring community through creating a strong on-boarding process. First off, we implemented new reporting and forecasting to ensure live roles were tracked to effectively plan capacity for future hiring in order to better manage expectations.

Next, we created a role kick-off process, to ensure everyone was aligned with clear and defined requirements as well as a fair and consistent process to mitigate bias. We revamped the ATS to reflect the new process and created user friendly scorecard and feedback templates for each role. This meant that hiring managers were spending less time reviewing irrelevant CV's or interviewing unsuitable candidates.

As they were making several acquisitions as well as hiring at pace, there were many different approaches and views as to how they should interview, therefore it was crucial we had one uniformed process. We identified key stakeholders across the business that would be involved in interviews and ran interview training sessions. The sessions covered skills to interview to avoid a mis-hire, setting up best practices and processes to implement to avoid unconscious bias or hiring based on gut feel.

Roughly 40 managers went through this training which had a positive impact on interview to hire ratios and time to hire. Over a 12 month period the business as a whole made 133 hires with an average of 15 days for time to hire.

The impact.

We implemented scalable hiring processes that focused on finding quality candidates in shorter timescales. We reduced time to hire from 46 days (2022) to an average of 15 days (YTD 2023), which meant hiring managers were getting time back to focus on their day-to-day.

These processes ensured a focus on quality not quantity - we increased submission to interview conversion rates from 35% to 87% and our interview to offer from 7:1 to 3:2.

The current structure in place is scalable and will allow the team to continue hiring at pace across all areas of the business as well as ensuring that all candidates have a positive experience going through their process.

Want to scale your team like Causeway? Let's talk.