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Technology Hubs & Centre of Excellence

We build high quality teams across Central and Eastern Europe (CCE) and Latin America (LATAM). Our solution covers Location Analysis, Office Sourcing, End-to-End Talent Acquisition, Compliance, Employment Law, Payroll, and HR.

Why build one?

Are struggling with the high cost, retention or quality of their technology teams.
Lack the internal knowledge or capability to effectively build an offshore technology hub.
Lack quality, reliable data to make decisions on international hiring.
Are looking to move away from using third-party consultancies and bring things in-house.

Access new, low cost, high quality talent pools across CEE and LATAM.

Working with leading Private Equity businesses, we have developed the world's only end-to-end solution that allows you to build a new technology hub without outsourcing to third-party consultancies.

Our Centre's of Excellence are proven to:

  • Reduce total cost by up to 65%
  • High quality and high retention
  • Keep control of your projects and workforce
  • Avoid a 3rd party culture when using consultancies
  • Lower risk
  • Remove the workload of choosing and managing multiple suppliers
“We experienced a 50% cost saving compared to our outsourced software engineering provider with no loss of quality. It also allowed us to gain better control and build our own culture.”
Kevin SmithCTO, LucaNet
Are you looking to save on cost, reduce risk and grow?

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