Scaling Europe's fastest unicorn.

33 Tech hires in 4 months.
200% Increase in volume.
17 Day time-to-hire
£80,000 Saved on cost of hires.

About Cazoo.

Cazoo were founded in 2018 by CEO, Alex Chesterman OBE, to transform the way people buy used cars. Launching in December 2019, they enjoyed record breaking growth through the first half of 2020 and secured significant further funding and officially became Europe’s fastest ever tech unicorn.

This pace of innovation can only happen with brilliant people and the right values. Cazoo’s Product and Engineering team embrace Agile, XP and Software Craftmanship, and maintain the highest standards across the board with a team dedicated coaches for all disciplines.

Now very much on their scale-up journey, Cazoo are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture, hiring the very best talent and continuing to build the smart technology solutions required to truly disrupt the used car buying experience.

The challenge.

  • Increase volume of hiring in technology to support rapid growth post investment.
  • Speed up time-to-hire to improve business agility and reduce time commitment to interview.
  • Improve diversity and inclusivity in recruitment process.
  • Reduce the overall cost-of-hire.

Our solution.

Cazoo originally partnered with Talent Point when they were a brand- new business, faced with the challenge of attracting high-caliber tech talent as a relative unknown quantity. After successfully helping Cazoo build their launch team with 100% retention, our partnership was expanded to support their scale-up plans.

Our first task was to review the current processes and understand where improvements could be made, as the existing set-up we helped to create had become strained by rapid growth of the hiring community and a new normal brought on by COVID-19.

Cazoo were the perfect partner. Working closely with their internal team, Engineering Leadership, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and the wider hiring community, we together identified and implemented several initiatives (see below) to ensure a fast, effective and inclusive process.

Once in place, we were able to scale-up hiring rapidly with confidence the process - and people – could support it.

A clear success.

In the 4 months from August to November 2020, monthly hiring volume increased from 4 to 12 (Nov) and time-to-hire came down from X to Y, whilst improving the % of underrepresented groups interviewed and hired.

The refined process is now working well with a new hire being made from every 2.5 interviews and on-going collaboration with engineering leadership via the talent analytics dashboard proving highly-effective.

At the time of writing (Dec ‘20) our partnership is still thriving, and we look forward to much more shared success in the future.

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