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Talent as a Service

A flexible, on-demand hiring resource designed for scaling businesses.

Designed for companies
who are experiencing:

More hiring than their internal team can cover.

Reliance on third party agencies.

Lack of long term visibility to commit to permanent TA hiring.

Lack of specialist technology hiring experience within their team.

Bolster your hiring capabilities.

Our teams embed within your business and act as an extension of your wider talent acquisition function to create increased candidate pipeline. The benefit of using us is the expertise you gain.

From increased access to data, improved hiring processes, hiring manager training and employer brand, we'll impart as much knowledge as possible and leave your team better for it.


Case Study: Scaling Europe's fastest unicorn.

We partnered with Cazoo to:
  • Increase volume of hiring in technology to support rapid growth post investment
  • Speed up time-to-hire to improve business agility and reduce time commitment to interview
  • Improve diversity and inclusivity in recruitment process
  • Reduce the overall cost-of-hire

In six months, we made 49 hires, averaging 8+ per month. In that time, the average submission to hire rate was 3.8:1, and the average time it took to handle a candidate application was 13 days.

Curious about how we can help scale your business?

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"I really like the way [Talent Point] saves a huge amount of time; it actually makes it feasible for us to scale at pace." 
Ian KershawEngineering Director, Cazoo