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In 2010, MADE launched with one core objective: to disrupt the homeware industry with great design that was accessible to everyone. They planned to revolutionise the supply chain by placing MADE entirely online – which was unheard of in this industry till then. By placing tech and innovation at the heart of their furniture business, they would create an entirely new business model. But, to do this, they needed a solid technical team.

The challenge.

When we met them, MADE were looking to improve the technology they were using across their entire platform. They had an ambitious plan to completely rebuild their front-end – everything from catalogue browsing to checkout. They also wanted to improve their back-office systems, including their logistics, stock, supply chain, and warehouse management, along with their customer service tracking system. And, as if that weren’t enough, they also wanted to establish a wholly new data function in order to drive better decision-making and analytics.

Doing this would require recruiting the best tech talent possible – including a number of Python Engineers, who are notoriously hard to hire.

That’s where we came in.

Our solution.

Before anything else, we needed to tackle MADE’s brand perception within the world of Tech; initially, the tech professionals we spoke to thought MADE was ‘just’ a furniture company. By putting together a compelling brand story that outlined how MADE used technology to enable their complex ecommerce operations, we were able to convey MADE as an appealing employer to even the most selective engineers, which helped when we moved onto hiring for roles.

Next, we helped MADE redesign their tech vacancies to appeal to their target demographic. This included highlighting attractive opportunities and focusing on long-term retention. We helped them to identify and target the talent they needed, and then we ensured all applicants went through a minimum of two rounds of competency-based interviewing before being forwarded to MADE’s internal hiring team.

A clear success.

To date we’ve secured 19 technologists at just over three interviews per hire, stretching across Engineering, Testing, DevOps and Data. This has helped contribute to MADE expanding into stunning new offices near Old Street and continue their impressive global growth. We’ve built trust, openness and have taken away the ‘headache of tech hiring’ for the team!

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