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Need to know: Interviewing for success

So, what's this guide all about?

Applicants are influenced by many factors. Some you can't control, such as location. Others you can, such as an interview.

At Talent Point, we’ve helped over 100 innovative brands successfully scale their teams. In doing so, we’ve developed an approach to interviewing that supports quick and sustainable hiring. We call it 'Interviewing for success'.

Interviewing for success is not about hiring every applicant. It's about creating skilled interviewers who enable every applicant they meet to give the truest representation of their personality and ability. When applied consistently against the same criteria, it results in fair and measurable interviews with the bonus of positive applicant experiences.

This guide shares some insight into the approach in the hope that we can help more people develop these skills:

  • What is Interviewing for success?
  • Unconcious bias and its impact on interviewing.
  • The skill of interviewing: two techniques to master.
  • Unconcious bias and its impact on interviewing.
  • The secret of selling without actually needing to “sell”.
  • The importance of preparation.
  • The effect of these techniques.

Your growth is too important to rely on "gut feel".

Make sure your team have the skills they need to hire quickly and effectively whilst providing the best possible applicant experience.

Daniel Wells | Talent PointHead of People & Development