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What we do.

We combine experience with empathy and data to optimise every step of your talent aquisition and people strategy.

Hiring & Retention.

Tried and tested solutions to get the right person onboard with an average 3-to-1 interview-to-hire ratio:

Market Report

Understand skills availability, map out career paths, select the right job titles and benchmark the right salaries.

Campaign Brief

Carefully crafted role descriptions that guide interviewers and talk directly to the people you want to hire.

Applicant Tracking

Enable quick and effective hiring decisions through complete transparancy of sourcing activity.

Interview Training

A proven approach to interviewing that enables quick hiring and supports long-term growth.

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"I really like the way that Talent Point work. [Their process] saves a huge amount of time; it makes it actually feasible for us to be able to scale at pace."

- Ian Kershaw, Engineering Director

People Ops.

Supporting your teams with the right tools to help them thrive:

HR Resources

The tools, documents and processes required to successfully support and develop people.


Consistent approach to ensure every hire feels welcome, understands the misson and is setup for success.

Inclusive Culture

D&I and engagement initiaitives that embrace your values and ensures everyone feels part of the team.

Career Paths

Ensure all staff have clear pathways to success and the right training to get there.

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"Talent Point's business model is different and that shows. They got to know our requirements and culture intimately before even considering a CV; then, when they did bring us interviews, they were relevant and well-vetted. A very successful and enjoyable process."

- Chris Scott, Co-Founder & CTO

Employer Branding.

Market outreach to make sure you’re known far and wide:

Digital Strategy

Make sure every touch point showcases your unique story effectively.


Network at scale, share your achievements and give back to the community

Our service benefits vs. other models.

Recruitment AgenciesInhouse TeamTalent Point
3-to-1 interview to hire ratioRed cross iconRed cross iconGreen tick icon
Data-driven roles designed in-line with marketRed cross iconRed cross iconGreen tick icon
Scale hiring up & down to suit your needsGreen tick iconRed cross iconGreen tick icon
Talent teams with market expertiseGreen tick iconRed cross iconGreen tick icon
Proven interview training programRed cross iconRed cross iconGreen tick icon
Transparency of all sourcing activityRed cross icon50/50Green tick icon
Build and implement People operationsRed cross icon50/50Green tick icon
Establishes employer brand as core part of hiring strategyRed cross iconGreen tick iconGreen tick icon
Embraces, understands and supports your company cultureRed cross iconGreen tick iconGreen tick icon
Support to bring hiring in-houseRed cross iconGreen tick iconGreen tick icon

Let's help your team grow.

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