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Michelle LindNov 26, 2020 12:00:00 AM< 1 min read

Need to know: Going remote.

So, what is this guide on remote work all about?

Prior to COVID-19, wherever possible we’d encourage customers to consider offering some flexible working options. Doing so had many benefits including; competitive hiring advantage, opportunity to hire more diversely and provide a better work life balance for employees.

The pandemic induced lockdowns meant overnight almost everyone was forced into making remote-first work for them.

This presents companies with an important question. What is our policy on, and approach to, remote working in the future and how do we make it work for us?

To help you answer this question, in this guide we'll cover:

  • Why remote working is important
  • Important considerations to make for your team
  • Remote leadership and culture
  • Hiring and interviewing remotely
  • Compensation for remote employees
  • Onboarding remote teams

At Talent Point, we're committed to making sure our customers can hire and retain the very best talent for them regardless of their situation.

If you're looking for a talent partner who can help you adapt to achieve your goals, get in touch today.