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Daniel WellsAug 22, 2019 1:37:00 PM3 min read

Talent Point of View: Retention.

Retention in the tech industry is a problem. No matter how you spin it, there’s no hiding the fact that the average length of stay in a tech role is only 1.2 years. But why is this the case?

Nobody wants to hire someone and invest the time and money into training them, only to have them leave a month later. So, what can you do to make employees want to stay?

At Talent Point, we prioritise employee retention – both for our customers and in our own team. That’s why, in this issue of A Talent Point of View, we’re shining a light on why tech professionals may leave, and what exactly can be done on the employer’s end to stop this from happening.

James Shelley


Talent Point


An Interview with: Concrete

Interview with tristan rogers

Unpicking employee retention.

In our first ever exclusive interview, we speak to Tristan, CEO of Concrete, about his company, his personal experiences with employee retention, team happiness and morale, and how he knows when things need to change.

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Research Bytes + Case Studies.

Why NET Eng look for jobs

Why do .NET Engineers look for new opportunities?

On average, our studies found that .NET professionals tend to stay in their jobs for just over a year. Is money the key motivation, or are there more pressing factors impacting engineer retention?

Read More How design QA roles

How to design QA roles with retention in mind.

Designing roles that encourage retention is tricky, but incredibly important. In this Research Byte, we look at how this can be done in a QA position, using a fictional eCommerce business for our case study.

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From the Blog.

Job Titles Matter

What’s in a Name?
Why Job Titles Matter.

Whether you’re an employer or a jobseeker, job titles can be a tricky aspect of working life to navigate. One wrong word could make the difference between finding the right job (or hire), and spending 3 months fruitlessly searching.

So how can you ensure your roles are correctly titled? And does anyone really care, at the end of the day?

Read More How I Accepted Role Growth

How I Accepted Role Growth and Began to Love Hiring.

There's nothing quite as demoralising as finding the perfect new hire, having them accept your offer and onboarding them... only to have them hand in their notice not long afterwards.

So why does this happen? And what can you do to prevent this and build a lasting, close-knit team?

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An 👁️ on Growable

Scalability Security

Growable Event Review: Scalability and Security

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Board Intelligence for hosting our inaugural meetup – and to everyone that came along and made the evening such a success!

We heard from Patrik Sundberg (Board Intelligence) and Len Bellemore (Elsevier/ScienceDirect), who each discussed some of the challenges faced when building secure and scalable infrastructure, both with and without using the public Cloud.

Both presentations were followed by a round of insightful questions from the audience, allowing the two speakers to flesh out their ideas and discuss how their teams arrived at the solutions they are currently using. If you couldn’t make it down then don’t worry: you can watch videos of both talks, as well as Q&As, on the Growable website.

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Talent Point Highlights.

Health Wellness

TP Health & Wellness Day 2019

Recently, the TP team came together for a fun-filled Health & Wellness day! Aimed at encouraging healthy habits and developing team bonds, the day featured a fab breakfast served by company director, James, and his family; a range of exercise and keep-fit activities; a quick-draw game of Play Your Cards Right; and a tricky in-office pub quiz!