Talent Point of View.

April 2020

Work in Quarantine

After the initial shock of quarantine, remote working is becoming the new norm. This month, we're looking at how you can begin hiring, onboarding, and getting the most out of your remote workforce.

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Tpov march 2020March 2020

Talent Point of View: Women at Work.

Gender diversity in tech (and the rest of the market) has come a long way, but there’s still a long way to go. In this edition of Talent Point of View, we're celebrating women at work – both in tech, and outside of it!

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Tpov jan20 newusJanuary 2020

Talent Point of View: New Year, New Us.

It's a new year here at Talent Point - which means not only the return of our annual State of Tech report, but also new contracting laws and a fancy new look for us! So in this, our first issue of 2020, we look into the tax changes coming to IR35, the creation of our new brand, and what hiring will look like in the new decade.

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Open source data visResearch Byte

The professional benefits of open source work.

Open source projects are a key building block of the tech community, with many IT professionals choosing to work solely with open source technology. But how common is it for these professionals to give back by contributing to OSS (open source software) projects? And what do they gain by doing so?

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Rubywomen sq resizeResearch Byte

Ruby and the rise of female developers.

The Ruby developer gender split is skewed towards men – just like almost every other tech specialisation. But this is changing, led largely by the availability of coding bootcamps. In this Research Byte, we look at this trend and dig deeper into the high numbers of women graduating from bootcamps.

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You fail your company by failing on gender equality headerBlog

You fail your company by failing on gender equality.

Companies across the UK are increasingly focused on attracting more female applicants and introducing them to their teams – but if the numbers are anything to go by, these efforts have yet to have a notable impact on the opportunities and quality of life afforded to women in the workforce.

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Whisky stock photoBlog

A silky smooth applicant experience.

The hiring journey, from first contact through to induction, encapsulates the applicant experience. Get this right, and your company will become an attractive workplace with high levels of engagement. Get it wrong and... well, basically don't get it wrong!

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Applicant screeningResearch Byte

Interviews are a two-way mirror.

The interview process is a way for employers to screen applicants – but it’s also where applicants decide whether you're an employer they want to work with. In this Research Byte, we look at how applicants screen companies before interview, and what their employer red flags in interview are.

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Applicant experienceResearch Byte

Bad applicant experiences? It's not them. It's you.

A positive applicant experience can be the difference between an applicant accepting your offer and refusing it. But many employers struggle to improve theirs. In this Research Byte, we take a closer look at the mistakes companies have made, and the fixes they employed to improve their interview and hiring process.

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Stock paper airplaneBlog

Your job descriptions are boring.

Nobody gets excited about job descriptions, but they probably should. They are your first brand touchpoint and often the only time you get to pitch your company and role to a potential applicant, so how do you ensure they're as engaging as possible.

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So whos scared of ir35 data vis headerResearch Byte

Who's afraid of IR35?

As changes to IR35 loom ever-closer, we take a closer look at what's changing for companies and contractors, and investigate whether London's pool of fixed-term talent are ready.

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Shutterstock 543109522Interview

New year, new brand!

In this special interview with Gina, Manifesto Studio's Creative Strategist, we discuss Talent Point's new brand, the brand development methodology, and the entire creative process.

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Your Interview Process SucksBlog

Your interview process sucks, but it's easy to improve.

The interview process is critically important, not just to help a company know more about the applicant, but also to help applicants get to know the company and the team.
But we often see employers making their applicants jump through hoops, with multi-stage interviews and moving targets. So how can employers improve their process?

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Hiring Horror StoriesBlog

Hiring horror stories: abominable interviews!

Interviews are an employer's first opportunity to showcase themselves and the role to applicants... but sometimes this can go horribly wrong. In this blog, we retell some of the worst interview stories we've been told by applicants. Spooky!

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Interview with tristan rogersInterview

Tristan Rogers: on retention.

In our first ever customer interview, we speak to Tristan, CEO of Concrete, about his company, his personal experiences with employee retention, team happiness and morale, and how he knows when things need to change.

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Job Titles MatterBlog

What’s in a name? Why job titles matter.

Whether you’re an employer or a jobseeker, job titles can be a tricky aspect of working life to navigate. One wrong word could make the difference between finding the right job (or hire), and spending 3 months fruitlessly searching. So how can you ensure your roles are correctly titled? And does anyone really care, at the end of the day?

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